Bounce rate, in simple terms is the amount of web traffic that arrives to your site and bounce out, instead of further browsing other posts/content of your sites which, results into lower page-views and does the “single page-view” usage of our site. Higher bounce rate is something that often makes us worried about how to reduce it down to the average benchmarks, which is around 70-75% for average WordPress Blogs, 40-60% for content websites, 20-40% for retail sites, the Bounce rate widely defers according to the various elements like industry, types of website, type of page and so on. But right now, I am not interested in explaining deep about Bounce rate however if you are then you can read everything technical about this Bounce rate on this excellent post at Blastam, where Kayden has cleared every single points about it.

Now coming to the WordPress users, if you’re one of those many bloggers who are suffering from this higher bounce rate thing, then the most easy solution to decrease it down is linking-back to the internal/other content of your sites. It would be more appealing to the visitor if he could see the related content linked to your post for instance, like here at this post he’s reading about Bounce rate and once he finishes up reading this post, he would show keen interest in reading similar topics like, landing page optimization, difference between bounce rate and exit rate etc.

Well, we had discovered the easy remedy to reduce the bounce rate that’s,“linking internal related content on your blogs,” which can also be done manually, but if we had a loads of amazing plugins with variety of options to configure the look and feel of your related content, then it’s definitely going to be more efficient, handy and hassle free way to reduce your bounce rate. So, here we go, with a complete long list of free WordPress plugins to bring down your bounce rate!

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) by mitchoyoshitaka is most popular plugin in the WordPress Plugin directory. It uses a customizable algorithm that comprises post titles, contents, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies to display the most accurate and related content across your site. YARPP supports related posts, pages and custom post types as well, and elegantly renders the related content beneath your content pages along with thumbnails.



2. WordPress Related Posts

WordPress related posts
The next most used plugin to display WordPress related posts under your blog articles. It’s constantly updated and has a lot of features to configure including, size & styling of the thumbnails, amount of posts to display, hide/show post excerpt, publish date, no of comments, categories to exclude and more .The most amazing part of WordPress related posts plugin is that it has a built-in statistics feature to analyze CTR, page-views and clicks from the mobile as well as desktop devices plus it’s responsive which means it automatically adapts the related posts according to the screen size of the device.



3. nRelate Related Content

Nrelate related content


Next comes the nRelate, it’s widely popular because nRealte uses their own servers to find and display the related content available on your site without harming speed of your blog server. It’s considered noticeably faster, than other local installed content related plugin like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (added above.) nRealte offers an ample of styling themes to fit your needs, and there’s also on option to display the related content on your site using your own style-sheet. nRealte also runs advertising system within this plugin, that enables you to make out some money out of your related content, as well.



4. Contextual Related Posts
Contextual related posts

Another Powerful and widely used WordPress related posts plugin in the directory. It displays related posts below your content or in the feed of your site automatically and allows manual placements too. The Contextual related posts uses title and/or content of the post to display relevant content. It also supports custom post types and thumbnails. MORE INFO | DEMO

5. SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

seo auto links & related content

It’s a perfect plugin to improve your SEO along with trimming down bounce rate. The plugin uses tags and meta keywords to link content internally and also displays related posts with 8 layout & styles. There’s also a slide-out box that pops out with related and recent articles to increase duration of visitors on your site. Additionally, it caches the thumbnails and all results are served from cache for better load time and saves server resources.



6. Related Posts Thumbnails


related posts thumbnail

Related posts thumbnails is an another simple and highly customizable plugin to display related posts below your blog articles. You can modify the look and feel by background colors, text, excerpt length, no of posts, set types of relation by categories, tags, custom taxonomies & randomly.



7. Efficient Related Posts



Efficient Related Posts as the name clearly describes, it works pretty efficiently saving the server resources. Unlike other related posts plugin which does their job when user views it, this one takes a different approach and grabs the related posts when a post is saved and reduce the number of queries and increases overall page load time.



8. Related Posts Slider


Related posts slider

Related posts slider is a lightweight jQuery based plugin, it displays related posts under post content. It can be inserted using template tag, shortcodes, as well as widgets. You can choose the render style or in horizontal carousel format.



9. Related Posts



The WordPress related posts plugin offers variety of options to show the related posts. It has a bundled sidebar widget which is only visible on the single post pages of your WordPress themes. You can control the no of related posts to display, and sorted by the no of matching tags and by the post date.



10.Related Posts for WordPress


RELATED posts for wordpress

The Related posts for WordPress is a simple plugin that allows user to manually select the related posts within the editor screen. It supports custom post types and with its built-in AJAX powered search utility that automatically find outs the related WordPress posts to select with a single click. It’s highly customizable, supports shortcodes, and offers multiple widgets.



11. Wp-Thumbie – Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress


WP -thumbie

WP-thumbie is an easy to implement WordPress related posts plugin that automatically integrates below the posts pages, feeds and requires no need to edit the PHP templates. It has exclude post features, using categories, pages, configurable image size, enable disable post excerpt, styling options and uses the updated version of Timthumb to generate images.



12. BlogGlue Related Posts Network

blgoglue related posts network

BlogGlue related posts network plugin increases the blog visibility by displaying links to your posts on the network blogs and by picking a community partner under your dashboard and gives your blog post a much more exposure as soon as you publish the post. You can choose your partner in your community and control over the quality and content.


13. nrelate Flyout

nRealte Flyout

nRealte Flyout uses the same tech, as of nRealte Related content and it displays the related post content in a dynamic flyout format, pretty much similar to the one you’ve seen in


14. ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget

ELI related posts footer links and widget

ELI Related posts WordPress displays related posts via tags and categories below the post content area and in the sidebar using a bundled Widget. You can control the no of relate posts, post excerpt, display post dates and more.




15. Related Posts via Categories

related posts via categories

Related posts by categories is a quiet impressive plugin to show lists of related posts automatically by categories under any single posts pages of the selected post types. It has a variety of configurable options classified well under no of tabs including display type, order by, exclusion and post-type selection.



16. Where did they go from here

where did they go from here

You must have seen those Amazon’s product pages with those readers who have bought this, also bought sliders. Similarly, you can implement such element links under you blog post pages or feed without editing the template files. It tracks users movement across your site and also allows you to manually select your related posts wherever you need to display them. Supports exclude pages and displays thumbnails in the post list.



17. Advanced Post List

advanced post list

Advance post list isn’t just a yet another related WordPress plugin instead it offers a lot more. You can create any design to display recent posts, related posts, future posts etc by just implementing a shortcode wherever you want to display be it posts or pages. It supports custom post types, add/require any of terms, show content from private, publish and more posts. Styling cone be configured using your own design style .




18. Related Posts & Images by Zemanta

Related posts and image by Zemanta

Related posts & images by Zemanta shows related posts from your own blog and network along with thumbnails. It greatly increases your authority by linking to the authoritative related posts and images. Get link love from the related posts by other bloggers and you can decide on your, which posts you want to link to, and they’ll get notified once you link them. Indeed, it’s an impressive easy solution for SEO.



19. Similarity


Similarity displays the WordPress related posts based on the tags, categories or both.You can configure the strength of the similarity as value, percentage, color or even with your custom text/code. You can also set as random to display the less-related content below your posts.



20. All Related Posts

All related posts

All related posts is a bit intelligent plugin, displays related posts by determining users behavior. It combines a multiple supports widget to show different group of links for different needs that renders a set of related posts using numerous factors such as posts related to search engine search terms (tags and categories,) the first post a visitor came to on a previous visit, posts related to the current posts and posts related to search engine terms using full content.



21. Related


Related is a simple plugin that lets you manually select related posts yourself. It supports custom post types using drag and drop interface and show them under your blogs posts or pages. To display the related posts you need to enter the php code in your template. It’s suggested perfect for small and mid size blog, blogs with (500+) posts it could be not that much easy to choose the posts using select box so, choose it wisely.


22. Related Posts All in One – with Grid, slider and list styles

related posts all in one grid slider and list styles

Related posts all on one is a neat plugin to display your related posts content in three difference styles using grid, slider or simple list styles, and can be flavored according to your taste such as image size, displaying modes, excerpt length, css3 effects and more. It uses post title, meta keywords and tags to display the related content and claimed to consume lesser resources.


23. Search Engine Keywords Related Posts Widget

Search Engine Keywords Related Posts Widget

This plugin is basically a widget that query string from search engines and grabs the keywords that user had used in his search query. It then lists all those posts related to the search engine keywords. The widget will be only displayed to the visitors who arrives through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Baidu.


24. WP e-Commerce Related Products

WP ecommerce related products

If you’re running a WordPress e-commerce based online site, then this plugin could be quiet useful. It extends the WordPress e-commerce plugin functionality by displaying similar products based on the same category or tags.


25. Kalin’s Post List


Kalin’s post lists creates a widget, shortcode, php code for displaying dynamic and highly customizable lists of posts or pages including related posts, table of contents within your post content or theme. It comes with 11 different presents and you can create your own custom HTML presets too. It’s highly configurable, with lots of built-in shortcodes, supports custom posts, no of posts, orderby and a lot more.


26. Manual Related Posts

manual related posts

You see, if you want to manually add related posts to your single post pages, then Manual related posts is quiet simple, just click on add related posts look for a post, select and you’re done!


27. Widgets of Posts by Same Categories

widgets of posts by same categories

It has widget that lists posts of the same category as of the current posts and works on any single post page. You can configure it using number of posts, order-by values, order of posts, link to category, and comes with an option to exclude categories.


28. Related Content by Wordnik

related cotnent by wordnik

Related content by Wordnik is a super easy to configure, WordPress related posts plugin, that does all the hassle to find related content using their own servers,which results in no extra server usage on your site’s end and delivers recommended posts content asynchronously using advanced webSocket tech to further minimize the load time. You can show content using your own blog as well as other related content from the website you add into your Wordnik dashboard.


29. Related Posts via Taxonomies


A handy plugin that displays related posts via taxonomies such as categories, tags and custom taxonomies too. It can display the related post automatically on any single post of your chosen post types. It has a fair amount of settings to configure visibility such as order, exclusion, and post type selection. It’s same plugin as of Related Posts via Categories, but it expands support with all taxonomies.



30. Random Related Posts

random related posts

Yeah, a pretty 1,2,3 Go! type of widget plugin to display random posts in your sidebar. All you need to do is simply install it, activate the widget in sidebar, select the no of posts, and it displays the lists of posts along with the publish date and author.


31. Serial Posts


Serial posts plugin, is quiet useful in case if you’re writing posts in series. It allows you to assign a serial name using WordPress custom fields in your posts/pages and automatically renders a list of other posts/pages with same serial name when you view a posts or page that belongs to the same serial name.


32. External Related Posts

external related posts

As the plugin name clearly illustrates its functionality, it displays links from external sites by taking the category, tags or custom taxonomy from your post (or custom post type) and looks for Google Blog search for finding out related posts. Then it link that external related posts to your posts and cleverly ping the linked blog posts by informing them that you had published a relevant post on the similar subject. You can configure, the no of blogs to search for, how many ping-backs to perform and more.


33. Random Related Posts Based on Category

external related posts based on category

Want an ultra light weight WordPress plugin to randomly / order by show related content from the same category of the single post page? install this plugin, place the php code on your template and its sizes mere 3 KB. Additionally, you can set what to display with the related posts like no of posts, posts title, tags, post excerpt, orderby and more.


34. Related Posts Picker


Now happy with those related posts types plugin works automatically to find related content? choose related posts picker, simply install it and select those posts which are related as according to your personal views.



35. Related Posts – Beautiful & Customizable

related-content-beautiful-&-customisableYet another simple WordPress plugin that simply displays related posts and pages that’s highly customizable using two different preset themes and you can also use your own custom settings to suite according to your needs.




36. Other posts

Other postsIt simply fetches the related posts for a specific post and displays them after the body, all automatically. However, you can manually place the php code wherever, you want the plugin to show the related posts.


37. My Related posts


My related posts plugin is an another simple WordPress plugin to easily show related post links along with thumbnails, just install this plugin. place the php code and you’re done!



So , that was a complete up to the date and best free plugin list of 2012 to show your WordPress related posts content. Hope you had enjoyed this read, if you’re using one of those plugins then share your thoughts on why you’re using it and what feature makes it unique, plus how much it had helped you in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog. If I had missed any of the similar plugin in the list do let me know in the comments below.