Free 25 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2015

WordPress is the most used blogging platform out there, and by default it has no built-in contact us form functionality that allows users to create their contact us page without the need of installing any third-party plugins. Now a days, every single weblog on the web, must have a contact us form page, where users can easily contact the webmaster or the blog owner directly sharing their views, feedback, raising questions etc.

Enter the, WordPress plugin directory, a huge resource of high-quality plugins to easily install and set up your own contact us page without any hassles of messing with the codes.

In this post, I had gone through every single contact us form plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository and carefully handpicked the best and the regularly updated plugins to add a contact us form on your site.

25 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2015

1. Contact Form 7


It’s the most used, trusted and highly customizable contact form plugin available for free on the web. This AJAX based submit ready, the plugin allows you to quickly create and manage no of contact forms plus enables easy editing of the mail contents with simple markup. It has built-in CAPTCHA support and prevents spam mails with Akismet, file uploading support, etc.

Once, you had created a form, all you need to do is paste the generated shortcode on the desired page, push the publish button and you’re contact us form is ready to receive user submissions.

2. Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast and secure contact us form

The next most popular and powerful contact form plugin for free, one can easily set up multiple contact us form using an administrative panel to create and preview your forms. It also offers easy shortcode implementation within the pages of your blog.

No need to worry about spams, as it includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block them out. There’s also an option to redirect users back to any URL, you want them after the submission of the form.

3. Custom Contact Forms


Custom Contact forms is another easy to customize AJAX-based plugin that quickly creates forms with a drag and drop interface to rearrange the fields, without the need for any knowledge about CSS etc. It has required fields, CAPTCHAS, tooltip popovers, unlimited fields, form styles as well as custom thank you page or you also set a custom success message for each form you create.

4. Contact Form


Contact form makes easy to add contact us form on your blog with shortcodes usage on a page or post. You can set the email address where you want to receive the user emails, supports file uploading, option to send the user a copy of mail and much more.

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5. Contact Form by


This plugin from offers numerous enhancements over other free contact form plugins with easy to add custom form fields, dropdown menus, radio buttons, date pickers etc. You can display your logo, business location, maps, social profile links, CAPTCHA and set up an auto-responder mail to your visitors instantly from your side.

You can also configure a custom success message, URL and get form notifications on email as well as via SMS. Additionally, it allows you to set up a custom contact tab on the side of your blog that pops out your contact form on any page of your blog.

6. Easy Contact Forms


The Easy contact form is a quiet easy plugin to create your own contact form with a handy dashboard that allows you to quickly create multiple contact forms using form builder and you can configure each form to have its own styling.

Needless to add, it supports various field types, customization tools, comes with the antispam guard, multiple data validation layers and has the ability to put several upload buttons, place upload links to email messages and a lot more.

7. Slick Contact Forms


Slick contact forms is an amazing plugin to just immediately setup a modern contact form using widgets on your site pages, either by a floating/sticky, or a drop-down button and within a sliding tab. You can add multiple forms on a single page, it supports that as well along with configuration to set the location of each form.

8. Grunion Contact Form


Grunion Contact form, it’s a plugin by the WordPress creators, Automattic itself and is available as a standalone plugin or else it’s also bundled with the most popular WordPress Plugin, Jetpack. This is just a super simple contact form plugin, that quickly creates a contact form on any of your page or post, from an icon in the edit post area.

There’s a form builder, email notification settings and all of your incoming messages will be filtered through Akismet if installed.

9. Easy Contact


Easy Contact form is another popular plugin that generates highly secure XHTML based contact form and can be easily implemented on your site using shortcodes. It comes with spam reduction features such as math or challenge-based questions, uses Sandbox comment form design patterns, offers GUI customization and has everything that a popular contact form plugin should have.

10. SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)


This SImpleModal contact form is basically an Ajax-based modal contact form plugin that uses jQuery and SimpleModal jQuery plugin. It has a variety of elements for creating a contact form, such as contact link URL, subject field, send me a copy button checkbox option for the sender, along with few extras such as including user IP address as well as user’s user agent.

11. Contact Form Manager


Another great plugin is Contact form manager, it allows you to create and manage multiple fully customizable contact forms for your website. Needless to say, it supports, a wide number of contact form element including text field, email field, drop-down list, radio button, checkbox, date picker, CAPTCHA, file uploader etc.

On submission, this plugin also has features like an autoresponder and flexible redirections. Additionally, it has a host of spam controls like as simple image verification, Recaptcha support, SMPT email settings and more.

12. easy contact form vcita


Contact form by vCita is an advanced contact form plugin that increases the number of contact form request with its wide-set of features and capabilities. It comes with a fully flexible contact form with a number of field elements and supports contact form labels in any language. It also integrates with Facebook pages.

User can also request for video meetings schedules or phone calls. There’s also a proactive contact form bundled that appears on the bottom of each page and claimed to double up the number of contact requests.

13. Contact Us Form


Contact Us Form is a fairly simple plugin to quickly set up a contact form on your WordPress blog, all you need to do is just adjust the preferences and saved the shortcode to any page of your choice. You can also use the same shortcode in your widgets.

If you want a single contact us form across your site, then this could be the perfect plugin to fit your needs.

14. BigContact Contact Page


BigContact Contact page plugin is what I call a complete package to handle all your contact us page needs. It has everything from a contact form, to the appointment calendar, maps, office hours, staff emails, scheduling calendar, and much more.

You can set up a traditional contact form, an appointment form, display business hours, phone numbers, Map integration to show up your business location. In short, a must-try before installing any other popular contact us form plugin.

15. Simple Contact Form Revisited Widget


As the name suggests this super simple WordPress contact form plugin requires minimal settings to be configured and installs as a widget. This contact form validates using jQuery and also encrypts email address before rendering the HTML form.

The widget contact form is quite useful when you require your visitor to contact from the sidebar itself, without navigating to the contact form page of your site. Furthermore, there’s also an option to show a contact form in any of your page, posts or text widgets using shortcodes.

16. AJAX Contact


Another powerful contact form plugin with robust anti-spam support using honeypot anti-bot validation and Google ReCAPTCHA. You can create a number of contact us forms across your site and packs all kinds of contact form elements such as headings, labels, unlimited no of fields, AJAX validation upon submission, a powerful form editor, shortcodes, SSL support, styling using CSS and bundled with an AJAX contact widget, too.


17. Magic Contact

Magic contact is a cool plugin to create a floating contact us form tab, that sticks to the sides of your sides and allows users to interact from any page of your site, without navigating to the contact us page. You can configure multiple settings such as recipient mail, labels, button labels, messages, disclaimer and lastly, an option to display the form right or left side of your site.

18. Contact Form by UserPulse


This elegant contact form plugin bu UserPulse, adds a sticky contact button to the top right of your WordPress site and loads up a complete contact form, via on a single click.

It has numerous advanced features including notifications, ability to add fields and texts, works even on mobile devices, completely spam free without even need of a CAPTCHA, multi-language support, and comes along with a free Feedback tool, requests a call, as well as, an optional live chat feature is also integrated.

19. ContactBuddy by


Contactbuddy is a pretty simple contact form plugin, with minimal settings to configure such as recipient email address, subject filed and fill out the reCAPTCHA keys, choose your CSS styling option and you are done, save the settings and you’re done!

20. Contact Form With CAPTCHA


As the name clearly indicated this simple contact form plugin enables you to use a CAPTCHA enabled to contact us form on your WordPress blog/site. Just fill out the CAPTCHA keys, set the recipient email address and place the generated shortcode on any page/post of your site. It supports fields, labels, and comes with two themes plus multiple colour themes for reCAPTCHA to match your blog’s layout schemes.

21. ContactMe


ContactMe is an easy to modify contact form plugin with numerous types of data collection options such as checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, text areas, question and answer fields, and many more. It also has some advanced features like browser cookie duration, CAPTCHA challenge on submission, a CC receive copy option, and allows user to log all submissions to a table and downloads them as a CSV output.

22. Contact Coldform


Contact Coldform is a sweet yet impressive contact form for WordPress, packs a lot of necessary simples to configure options. Just install it and configure the general options that include your email, name, website, a message title, challenge questions etc.

Under the Coldform captions, you can define all caption fields according to your needs, plus you can set all kinds of success & error messages such as welcome, success, thank you, incorrect response, etc.

It comes with three default styling sets, as well as you can create and use your own styling to match your blog’s colour schemes. To embed contact form, you can use shortcode and PHP code to display within your theme template.

23. AJAX Contact form

ajax contact form

AJAX contact form is an easy to set up contact from the plugin, that allows you to receive mails from an AJAX-based form. There’s little to no settings to configure. You can design simple contact forms, supports CSS styling and comes with a bundled email list option too.

24. Contact Us Page Builder


Contact US page builder is a perfect plugin for creating your own contact form with super easy and intuitive drag and drop interface, in fact, its fun to create forms within a few minutes. It has a plethora of options to configure including HTML fields and controls, date and time, payment buttons, social buttons, fully customizable styling.

Ability to save and create multiple contact forms, set the size of page/form in pixels or just drag the page to desired size and much more. The only drawback is that free version isn’t loaded with all features, to use them all you need to purchase a Pro copy.

25. Contact Manager

Contact Manager

Contact manager is a powerful plugin that comes with a huge set of options to configure. You can customize the messages, add any no of forms on your site and are easily customizable. The contact forms can be implemented using shortcodes or direct implementation into templates via PHP code. There’s also an option to record all of the messages in your database.

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  1. Wow! I am so glad to find your post as I am deciding to get a contact form plugin for my WordPress blog. And I got it too, thanks to your post! :)

    I would like to share with you one more best collection of wordpress contact form plugins :

    1. Contact Form 7

    2. Fast Secure Contact Form

    3. Gravity Forms

    4. Ninja Kick

    5. Contact Form 7 Storage (Contact Form 7 Extension)

  2. thanks for the list,tried lots of plugin but not satisfied with anyone,However my search ended with Ninja Forms you should mention it also nice plugin.

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