KeyCDN Review 2016 – Affordable Yet Zippy

keycdn review 2016

A review of KeyCDN, the popular provider of the most affordable CDN for WordPress.

Hello again WordPress folks, today I am going to review KeyCDN, as you all know, these days KeyCDN is creating a lot of buzz around. People on numerous occasions asked me about my word on KeyCDN. Recently, I switched one of my site with KeyCDN and today in this KeyCDN review, I am going to talk a whole lot about all things KeyCDN.

Although, I came to know about KeyCDN since in its very early days but I was reluctant to use some new CDN provider in its evolution stage and I believe, I was pretty much right at that time. Fast forward to today, KeyCDN is now far more matured, powered with variety of features, and it was one of the first CDN providers to implement and offer Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate integration, they are also one of the first CDN provider to offer a dedicated plugin for WordPress integration.