WordPress always amazes me, each day with its countless abilities that allows anyone to transform it into any niche site. You can use WordPress as a CMS for just any niche out there, and the most interesting part is that you think it, and there’s a theme already available for that.

Earlier, I showed you how to create a Fiverr like site using WordPress, which is praised by many, and today I am going to show you how to create a Freelancer like site using WordPress.

Since, quiet few times, I’ve been using Freelance services, on various sites like Freelancer.com, Odesk.com, ELance.com, Guru.com and many more to hire freelancers for small works such, plugin development, writing any custom script, app development, logo designing etc.

Most of the time, I end up with hiring an affordable expert, who does what he promises and that too, within a per-defined deadline. Bingo! that’s easy, hassle free and most likely would cost you far lesser than hiring any full-fledged dedicated firm, and top of all delivers nearly same or even higher quality of final work.

Overall we can say, “Freelance sites are the proven ways to find the best and one of the most affordable method to outsource our any work, on the internet.”

The Freelance marketplace concept

In simple terms, these are the sites that allows freelancer or sellers register their profiles, a description of their services, creates a portfolio of their work, and also mentions information about their charges. On, the other hand buyers or the one who wants to hire a skilled freelancer, creates a profile, posts his job or the work he wants to get done, along with their requirements , deadline, and the budget.

Buyers or freelancers will bid for these jobs, either one time fixed price job or on the hour basis. Sellers often selects the freelancers on the basis of their ratings, lower price, lesser time, and their previous work histories, etc.

Once, the seller awards his job, to a chosen freelancer, he can track the work status, can contact him via messages, and upon the completion of the job, seller grants a  payment using online payment systems like, PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.

Why to create a yet another project bidding site, when there are already many?

That’s definitely the first question, which strikes to your mind, before creating such Freelancer website but, what I believe is that there’s always a scope for something better in every aspect of life. Same fact, applies to these freelancer sites here.

Though there are already many but, with some unique features you can make your freelancer site, stand out from the crowd.

Now, the question is how?

Well, there are endless possibilities to create something with a difference! for instance:

  • You can create a niche only project bidding site like, it’s only related to website projects, website transfer, website optimization for speed, enhancing a website security, adding a CDN to any website, upgrading to any hosting plan, tuning the server and so on.
  • You can raise a WordPress only project bidding website, where users will post their projects related to WordPress, and the interested WordPress professionals could bid on the projects.
  • You can create a city specific project bidding site, where the local people post their projects related to everyday stuff and the interested person will bid for that particular project. It could be an instant hit, if advertised and managed smartly!
  • You can create a freelancer site as an article writing service, where bloggers can hire writers to write their articles and the interested writers could easily bid on an any writing project, they are interested to write.
  • You can even create a dedicated animation/3D modeling freelance site, where anyone can post a project for their specific needs where, skilled professionals, newbie artist with fresh ideas can bid on the desired projects.
  • And so on…

WordPress Project bidding theme

Freelance-project-theme-wordpress The Project theme, is surprisingly the only WordPress theme in the World, that holds the ability transforms any WordPress installation into a modern yet robust, project bidding system and enables you to raise up your own Freelance website, within few clicks.

It comes integrated with a dedicated user dashboard, a private communication system, virtual credit system to deposit cast into account, and bundles a host of monetization tools to make more money out of your freelancer website.

What are the requirements to get started?

1. A domain name – As usual, domain name is the very first step to get a space reserve on the internet or in case if you want to start freelance service on your existing site, then just skip this step.

2. A hosting plan – You need a reliable hosting plan to host your freelance website. For starters you can go for a SiteGround GrowBig plan, which is affordable, yet scales well for the starting traffic. Or if you already own any other hosting plan, then again, you need to skip to the next step.

Find appropriate hosting for WordPress, in this guide.

3. Buy Project Bidding theme for WordPress – The theme costs, you roughly $69.99, for a one-time fee, which I think is a perfect license type for the beginners. However, if you want to install the theme on multiple domains or even on your client’s domains, then you’ve to shell out extra cash, with a license cost for up to $200. Choose license type wisely, as according to your needs.

The final cost, should be around $200, for everything as I suggested.

How to setup WordPress Project Bidding theme?

Now that you’ve got a domain name, hosting account, WordPress Project theme, all you need to do is first propagate your domain name with your hosting provider. Once you’re domain name is propagated, you now need to install WordPress on your domain, if you need any help, just use this step-by-step guide.

Alright, everything looks good here, since you’re WordPress is installed, it’s time to install the theme:

There are two ways two install a WordPress theme: use the WordPress, dashboard>Appearance>Themes>Install themes and select upload, locate & install the theme zip package and once the theme is installed then just push the activate button.

You can also use the good old FTP method to install the theme but, I would recommend the earlier. Installing freelance Project theme on WordPress

Configuring Project Theme for WordPress

Once, you had installed the theme, a custom menu will appear within the WordPress dashboard, it has got a pretty long list of features. The very first window will display a quick summary of your project site, that display a total number of projects posted, no of open projects, no of closed and finished projects along with details about total no of users including administrators, subscribers, service providers and business owners.

Installing WordPress Project theme 1

General options

Wordpress project theme general settings 2 The default setting area, where you’re going to set up the minute but very crucial features of your Project bidding site, such as logo, user types, project files, visibility of the projects under the categories and location pages. If you want to enable “feature,” projects to be displayed on the front page of your site, just checked the “Enabled feature option.”

If you don’t want search engines to crawl on your site ( absolutely not recommended and I had no idea why would you want to?) then you can switch the option to “Yes.” This setting page has got 20 something options to configure, which is super simple with mostly, “Yes” or “No.”

While, those Facebook and Twitter, tabs are meant to enable social login to your site using WordPress Social login plugin and the last tab, allows you to filter emails, and URLs under private messaging feature of your site.

If you are confused about any option, or it’s functionality, just hover over to the “?,” icon and it’ll display a brief information about that individual feature.

Email settings

WordPress project theme email settings This email setting interface is a one stop area to configure the entire email setting for your project site. On the default tab you can define the email name, primary email address of your project bidding site, and if you’re sending HTML mails then just select it to “Yes.”

The theme allows you to set up email configuration to just everything, be it new user registration, project approval, project delivered, private message, payment on completed project and more. There’s nothing much to configure, as all the default settings, and email templates are good to go, but still if you want to modify something, go ahead!

Pricing settings

Under the pricing settings, you can set the default currency which you’re going to accept on your project bidding site. The theme supports 25+ currency including Euros, USD, British Pound, Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Danish Kroner, Indian Rupee, and many more so I guess there would be no problem at all in accepting the payments from any part of the World.

Furthermore, you can set the currency symbol, and its position, etc.

The next tab, allows you to set the fee for listing any project or you can make it free, featured project listing fee, sealed project listing fee, hide project from search engine, minimum withdraw an amount. The third tab, has predefined project budgets i.e. small, medium, big and huge.

If you want your custom project budget package, then it can be easily created within this tab.

Custom Pricing

If you want to enable custom posting and bidding fees for each of the categories on your project bidding site, then just set the option to “Yes,” and set the fee value.

Custom Fields

Custom field settings In case if you want any extra custom field to be available for your project site, then use this area to create, as much as you want. The field type could be text, radio select, check-box, HTML box, and can be marked as mandatory or not. Additionally, if you want a custom field to be displayed only on specific category, then it can be easily configured using this panel.

The next tab, you could see in this panel displays, a total no of current custom field that you’ve created.

 User Fields

WordPress theme user fieldsAlike of custom fields, you can also create user fields, but these will appear only on user types, be it “service buyers” or “providers.”

Image Options

Project theme image options This setting zone controls all of the image settings for your site, the first option lets you enable or disable max no of images, and you can define the value for the maximum no of images allowed to be uploaded on the projects. If you don’t want the users to upload any images on the projects, you can turn it off, from the third option.

Additionally, if you want to charge fee for uploading images, then go ahead, set the number of free images allowed to be uploaded, and set the extra charge value per image. In the second tab, you can set the image resizing setting for your site.

Advertising Settings

WordPress project theme advertising settings

If you’re using advertising as an extra method of monetization, this settings makes your work easier by allowing you to put ad-code snippet, in the homepage, project single page, category page, single blog or a normal page of your site.

 Layout Settings

The theme comes with five pre-defined layout settings, which are quiet helpful to make desire changes on the front-end of your site. Just select the preferred layout, and push the save button, and you’re done. The next header tab, allows you to set the logo.

The footer of the theme is divided into two parts, the left and right, and you can individually put any content within the each area of footer. The last tab, is to change the colors, for background, footer, and top links.

Project theme settings PaypalNow comes the important aspect of your freelancer site, these payment gateway settings allows you to accept payments for projects on your site from four different methods, PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Moneybookers/Skrill, Bank Payment (offline payment option.)

All you need to do is put in your registered e-mail address from the given services, and you’re done! Start accepting payments on your site.


WordPress project theme withdrawals- This section handles all the requests for Withdraws, the tabbed panel contains, unresolved, resolved and rejected requests. Also if you want to search the withdraw requests by users then you may use the search boxes.


Project theme Escrow featureEscrow is a feature that allows the project owner to deposit money into the escrow for the bid winner, till the bidder finishes the project. As soon as the bidder completes the project, the escrow is released and the bidder will received funds in his account, which can be requested for withdrawal from the site owner.

User Balances

Project theme user balancesIt shows, the existing balance of any site user, there’s nothing much to do, except if you want to increase credit or decrease the credit of any user, just use this panel. You can search the balance of any user, by switching the next tab, and then just type the username and hit enter.

User Reviews

Project theme user reivewsThis panel, shows a list of user submitted reviews, if any. While, the next allows you to search reviews by submitting “usernames.”

User Types

Project theme user typesThis panel lists the entire user base of your site, if any user demands then you can also switch his user type, as a provider or contractor. This feature will come handy to manage user base, once you’ve 100+ registered users on your site.

Private Messages

Project theme private messagesIf you want to monitor private messaging on your site, then this panel comes easy, and displays the entire private messages submitted on your site. The second tab, allows you to search private message by username.


Project theme orders Well! orders are just projects, and this panel shows you all the open, delivered, completed or paid orders from your site.

InSite Transactions

Project theme in-site transaction historyThe transaction history, displays each and every transaction occurred on your site and by using the second tab, you can also search transaction history by any user.

Tracking tools

Project theme settings transactionsEvery site needs a tracking system to track the amount of visitors you’re receiving on your website, to know the accurate number of page views, bounce rate etc. This panel is useful, if you want to use Google Analytics as a primary method of tracking system on your site.

In case, if you want to use some other tracking system just switch to the second tab, and put your other tracking code. Alright, so that’s the last from project theme settings panel, and I had previewed each and every functionality about the theme.

Let’s take a quick overview of the admin view of the “projects,” custom post type and a sample admin view of a project.

Project theme “Project,” types

project theme post typesThis theme comes with separate custom post type, titled as “Projects,” the quick view panel generated a list of all the projects posted on your site, and shows a lot of information right on the page, including, title, posted date and time, price, the expiry time, featured, approval status of each and every project.

It comes handy while managing projects and taking a quick glance of any project, without getting inside the single post area of any project. The custom post type, has two custom taxonomies, Project category and location.

The project category is useful while, the classification of your projects, while the location is to classify the project by the area, such as, California, Nevada, Florida, New York City etc.

Single Project admin view

Single post admin viewThe single admin view of a project comes with a whole lot of features, a side project details widget shows everything about a project including price category package, featured status, project visibility status to search engines, closed status, address.

The single project view also come with 4 custom meta boxes, that includes Project custom fields, project images, project files and project bids.

Posting a new Project on Project theme from the front-end

This is a front-end view of posting a sample project on the project bidding site, what appeals me is a professional layout and a three-step posting process. Any visitor on your site can fill the required details, select the given features, and within few seconds he/she can see his project live on the site.

User Dashboard

user panel 2As you can see, the my account area of a user on your site, is quiet detailed and shows all his activities on a single panel. The user dashboard is universal for both project poster, and bidder. It gives you access to all the site features, for eg. Finances, private messages, personal info, reviews and more.

Sample Project posted on Freelancer site

Sample project posted on a siteFinally, you can see a sample project posted on a site, where a user wants to fix his yard’s fence, the project area is located in Long Island, New York and the time left to bid on the project is 27 days something. The project is classified as a big project, and the average bid posted for the project is $122.

Final thoughts

Just take my word, this is the best and the only theme if you want to create a Freelancer like website using WordPress and bundles with a vast set of features to run a project bidding site effortlessly plus it scales excellent with a large user base.

Furthermore, the most important thing I want to say about this theme, is that doesn’t requires any extra ordinary skills to run or manage a project bidding site and even a fairly average WordPress user can raise & run his own Freelancer like site without any hassles.

A custom freelancer like WordPress theme would cost you a good amount of cash, probably more than $2000-$3000, depending on the feature you request from a theme developer, but here you can get this full-fledged project bidding theme, with a price tag starting from just $69.99.


You can buy Project bidding theme using this link starting from $69.99

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