How to add Contactless Delivery in WooCommerce Store

add contactless delivery in woocommerce store

This post is a step-by-step guide you on “how you can enable the contactless delivery option in WooCommerce based store. The feature will strictly valid only on local deliveries.

You’ll get to know everything about the Leave At Door plugin for WordPress. You’ll be able to see the plugin in action and I’ll guide you on how you can download and configure it on your WooCommerce store,

Globally all the industries have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Especially, the brick and mortar stores are suffering the most. The way these physical stores works doesn’t meet the criteria of social distancing.

Hence they are under do-or-die situation.

To keep business afloat, many new physical store owners are looking to take their business online, to enable doorstep delivery.

However, if you’re already running a WooCommerce store, it’ll be a good measure to enable contact-less local delivery.

About the WooCommerce Plugin to enable Leave At Door Delivery feature

add contactless delivery feature in your woocommerce store using leave at door plugin

Leave At Door, is a new WooCommerce only plugin by Scott Deluzio, the founder of Amplifyplugins. The plugin enables your customer to opt for contact-less doorstep delivery.

The plugin adds an optional checkbox while checkout, that asks your customer whether they want to get their order to be left at door.

Interestingly, the plugin is free to use and is ready to be downloaded at the official WordPress Repository.

How it works – Contactless delivery in WooCommerce

leave at door woocommerce plugin

In order to enable contact-less delivery feature on WooCommerce store.

Head over to the add new plugin section on your WordPress based eCommerce store. Look for Leave At Door for WooCommerce in the search box.

Once you finish installing and activating the plugin,

Navigate to the WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Leave At Door

using leave at door plugin woocommerce

Now all you’ve to do is select the local delivery shipping method on your store, and press the “save changes” button.

What if I don’t have any local delivery method? and How to create one?

In case if you don’t have any local delivery method set up on your store, you can create one by selecting your local shipping zone and under the shipping methods, click on the “Add shipping method.”

A popup box will appear and you have to select the “Local Pickup” option from the drop-down menu and proceed with the “add shipping method.”

The new local pickup method will be added to your existing shipping zone, you can now rename the method to “Local delivery” by hovering over the “local pickup” title and click on the edit link. Under the settings, you can rename the title of your shipping method to “local delivery. “

That’s it and the plugin is configured!

See in action.

leave at door without contact delivery woocommerce

Now you will notice, a simple “Leave At Door” checkbox will appear at the checkout page of your WooCommerce store, which is marked as an optional feature.

Upon selecting the feature, a text box will be visible for your customers to write about the delivery instructions, like “ring the doorbell twice” and gently leave the package on the door or whatever your customer wishes to.

no contact delivery woocommerce

How store owner will be notified?

WooCommerce Contactless Delivery

For the store owners, to know that your customers have opted for an order with “Leave at Door” option, head over to the WooCommerce > Orders > and click on any new orders. You can see a new message will appear under the billing shipping section of the order.


The Leave at Door is a simple WordPress eCommerce plugin, but make sure presently it’s only works with WooCommerce.

I would also like to add that the feature to leave at door, will only work for your local deliveries handled by your own delivery system. You can not make it work in conjunction with your shipping partners, for countrywide deliveries.

Even after the pandemic is over, I believe Social physical distancing will be a new norm among the buyers. The contact-less delivery is here to stay and so is the “leave at door” option on the eCommerce checkout.

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