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Cloudways WordPress hosting review 2017

In the past few months, I had heard a lot about Cloudways, a Managed Cloud hosting provider for WordPress. Back in 2011, Cloudways was founded by 4 guys, Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, Uzair Gadit, and Umair Gadit as a Platform as a Service (Paas). It’s based in Malta, with additional offices in UAE and Spain.

People have been greatly appreciating about their cloud hosting service for WordPress, and I couldn’t refrain myself to take an in-depth review of Cloudways WordPress hosting. Fortunately, Subhan Alam at Cloudways was kind enough to provide me with a fully loaded Cloudways account to test their cloud services. And I took no time to come up with this Cloudways WordPress hosting guide.


My InMotion WordPress Hosting Review 2017

Inmotion hosting review

I learned about InMotion hosting earlier, before I’ve setup an account with MediaTemple more than a year back I was willing to try them out. However, back then Managed WordPress hosting was the hot cake, and alike everyone I was also excited to try out my hands on the managed WordPress hosting, whereas InMotion Hosting is optimized for WordPress but “not managed” so that’s how I end up singing up an account with MediaTemple.

Fast forward today, I managed to get an account with InMotion hosting for WordPress. I am all set to put their hosting services on a tougher side, and see how it performs with WordPress. Whether, InMotion hosting stand by all their claims? are their servers really fine tuned for WordPress, will they able to handle sudden traffic spike on your WordPress site? let’s get answers to all your doubts for in this InMotion hosting review.


SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2020

SiteGround WordPress hosting review
The most detailed and unbiased SiteGround WordPress Hosting review, by an ex-user experience

I’ve always recommended SiteGround WordPress hosting, especially for beginners who want a reliable WordPress hosting on a budget. You can barely find any negative reviews about SiteGround, the primary reason behind a higher customer satisfaction rate at SiteGround is the usage of modern server technologies and a very responsive support team.

At an affordable monthly cost starting at $3.95, SiteGround WordPress hosting bills fits easily into anyone’s pocket, and that truly classifies them as trouble-free WordPress hosting. The perfect blend of modern WordPress hosting, customer-friendly support, and almost 100% uptime is an assurance for your site’s success.


My Honest MediaTemple WordPress Hosting Review

MediaTemple Premium Managed WordPress hosting review 2016

The mega MediaTemple WordPress hosting review, learn the truth about one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting provider from a MediaTemple WordPress hosting user. Find out how, it competes with your typical shared or VPS hosting and other Managed WordPress hosting providers.

It’s been a long time since I am with MediaTemple WordPress hosting, after numerous switch with various shared and VPS hosting plans, I’ve a good feeling that finally I found a host to settle down. Two years back, one day I heard about the newly launched MediaTemple’s Premium WordPress hosting, in the early launch MediaTemple came up with only a flat $29 plan for the managed WordPress hosting, that includes “millions of monthly visitors” and integrated email and it took no time for me to sign up with them, and it’s been already two years since I am still using their managed WordPress hosting.


WPOven Review – Managed WordPress Hosting

WPOven review Managed WordPress hosting 2015

Managed WordPress hosting is in the air, everyone knows the benefits of this wonderful new hosting platform dedicated to WordPress. Few years back, when I first heard about Managed WordPress hosting, there was only a couple of providers but, today Google a single query about Managed WordPress hosting, and you can see over a dozen of providers, who had now already established themselves as the leading providers of Managed hosting for WordPress. One of the new name I just came around, while writing everyone’s guide to Managed WordPress hosting is WPOven.


Managed WordPress Hosting – The Everyone’s Guide

Managed WordPress hosting 2015

I still remember some 7+ years ago, the first time I tried to installed WordPress on my dirt cheap shared hosting account, “manually.” In those days, there used to be no WordPress auto-installers, I used to manually create a MySQL database and username, configure the WP-config.php file, and run the WordPress setup.

However, things have been totally changed since then, now a days there are one-click auto installers integrated, even with the shared hosting packages.