WP Rocket Review – Supercharge your WordPress Performance

WP Rocket Review by Blogosense

“WordPress Performance optimization,” is the first thing, that every WordPress user searches on the web. Once you finish installing WordPress on your site, chances are high that you may want to find ways to optimize your WordPress site and the best performance optimization plugin for WordPress.

I’ve been there, back in the early days of my exposure to WordPress, I also used to be in that place. In those days, there used to be lesser plugins to optimize WordPress and relatively, pretty basic guides on how to optimize self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Those guides used to tell, what to do but, an average WordPress user can’t do much on his own, due to the lack of required knowledge and a risk that he might break his site.


12 Reasons Why to use WooCommerce for Your Online Store

Free online store platform woocommerce

When it comes to e-Commerce, WooCommerce is the primary contender of choice amongst of all WordPress based e-Commerce plugins, but what if I say that WooCommerce also leads the race to the most popular eCommerce?

Yes! that’s right! WooCommerce is the leading and the most popular platform of choice for setting up an online store all across the web. Despite of tough competitions from several bigger, and more capable open platforms, such a Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, etc; WooCommerce tops the list of most popular eCommerce platform.


Schema WordPress Theme Review : Best Theme For Bloggers

Schema WordPress Theme Review, Loads under milliseconds, helps you rank higher!

Schema WordPress theme Review

Finding a fast loading WordPress theme for your blog is indeed a tiring process, but don’t worry I’ve done the hard work for you. Read my honest Schema WordPress theme review, why it’s the ultimate blogging tool, and how it can help you to accelerate the growth of your blog.

The secret to make your WordPress site faster and make it more SEO friendly, relies in your WordPress theme.

No matter, how tidy is your WordPress site installation is, or the low numbers of plugins you’re using on WordPress sites. If the theme on your site is bulky and stuffed with too much of graphics or scripts, chances are high, that your WordPress site could never make it to load under 1.5 seconds.


Cloudways WordPress Hosting review – Cloud for everyone

Cloudways WordPress hosting review 2017

In the past few months, I had heard a lot about Cloudways, a Managed Cloud hosting provider for WordPress. Back in 2011, Cloudways was founded by 4 guys, Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, Uzair Gadit, and Umair Gadit as a Platform as a Service (Paas). It’s based in Malta, with additional offices in UAE and Spain.

People have been greatly appreciating about their cloud hosting service for WordPress, and I couldn’t refrain myself to take an in-depth review of Cloudways WordPress hosting. Fortunately, Subhan Alam at Cloudways was kind enough to provide me with a fully loaded Cloudways account to test their cloud services. And I took no time to come up with this Cloudways WordPress hosting guide.


How to create a website like Upwork using WordPress

The most comprehensive guide to create your own Upwork/Odesk/Elance like site using WordPress.

Create upwork like site with WordPress

Freelancing is a methodical concept, if you want someone else to get your work done then, all you need to do is to hire an expert for the specific task, and award your task to the one, who is ready to fulfill it according to your budget. That’s the power of Freelance, it provides you the ability to hire the best experts even for your miniature tasks.

Earlier, I had created a similar guide on how to create a Freelancer like site using WordPress using Sitemile’s Freelancer theme, it was highly appreciated by everyone.