Astra Pro WordPress Theme Review – Superfast WordPress Theme

astra wordpress theme review

This Astra Pro WordPress theme review covers entire features of Astra theme, its compatibility with the other WordPress plugins, and I’ve also tested it’s load time performance, along with WooCommerce.

After using the theme actively for more than 40+ days on my test setup, I’m going to share my experience with the Astra Pro WordPress theme. Unlike other Astra reviews on the web, this is probably one of the most detailed of all.

The internet is already overloaded with heaps of Astra WordPress theme reviews, you can find n number of people going gaga about Astra theme for WordPress.

At Trustpilot alone, you can find over 170+ 5 stars rated reviews by the people who are using Astra.

Popular WordPress veterans recommend the Astra theme, including Chris Lema, and Syed Balkhi (founder WPBeginner) just to name a few.


How to add Contactless Delivery in WooCommerce Store

add contactless delivery in woocommerce store

This post is a step-by-step guide you on “how you can enable the contactless delivery option in WooCommerce based store. The feature will strictly valid only on local deliveries.

You’ll get to know everything about the Leave At Door plugin for WordPress. You’ll be able to see the plugin in action and I’ll guide you on how you can download and configure it on your WooCommerce store,


How to turn your WordPress site into a Freelancer Marketplace

In the past, I’ve written popular guides on how to create an Upwork site or how to create a Freelancer site using WordPress. Those were theme-based solutions and are good only if you will create a full-fledged Freelancer/Upwork type niche site.

However, what if you want to add a freelancer like a feature to your existing WordPress site?

That’s where Freelancer Marketplace comes in.

It’s a new plugin to transform any existing or new WordPress site into a Freelancer marketplace plugin.


WP Rocket Review – Supercharge your WordPress Performance

WP Rocket Review by Blogosense

“WordPress Performance optimization,” is the first thing, that every WordPress user searches on the web. Once you finish installing WordPress on your site, chances are high that you may want to find ways to optimize your WordPress site and the best performance optimization plugin for WordPress.

I’ve been there, back in the early days of my exposure to WordPress, I also used to be in that place. In those days, there used to be lesser plugins to optimize WordPress and relatively, pretty basic guides on how to optimize self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Those guides used to tell, what to do but, an average WordPress user can’t do much on his own, due to the lack of required knowledge and a risk that he might break his site.


12 Reasons Why to use WooCommerce for Your Online Store

Free online store platform woocommerce

When it comes to e-Commerce, WooCommerce is the primary contender of choice amongst of all WordPress based e-Commerce plugins, but what if I say that WooCommerce also leads the race to the most popular eCommerce?

Yes! that’s right! WooCommerce is the leading and the most popular platform of choice for setting up an online store all across the web. Despite of tough competitions from several bigger, and more capable open platforms, such a Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, etc; WooCommerce tops the list of most popular eCommerce platform.