How to Setup Yoast SEO – The Five Step Guide

Yoast SEO guide 2016

A detailed five step guide for beginners, on how to set up Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

You may have designed a great looking website, but you might still fail to drive traffic to it if the site isn’t search engine optimized.

Wondering why?

Well, you can find a plethora of sites over the web working in the same industry as yours. So to become a well-known brand in the market, you’ll need to ensure that your target audience will choose to visit your website over your competitor’s site. One best way to do so requires optimizing your site for search engines.

Making your site SEO-friendly will most likely help you attain higher ranks in the SERPs (aka Search Engine Result Pages). Needless to say, the more higher your page will rank in search results, the more users will notice your site. (more…)

WordPress Child Themes: The Beginners Guide

WordPress Child Themes: The Beginners Guide

Unless you’ve created a child theme for your WordPress blog, nothing is more frustrating than to loose all your theme customization, whenever you update your existing WordPress theme. Every time, when we install a new theme on our blog, we are always keen to  add a change or two in the theme design or functionality. In my early days with WordPress I had little to no knowledge on how to create a child theme for my WordPress site, in fact I don’t even know what the heck is a child theme, and what it has to do with my existing theme. (more…)