MediaTemple Introduces new Managed WordPress Hosting plans

MediaTemple Premium Managed WordPress hosting plans 2015

MediaTemple had joined the managed WordPress hosting bandwagon, last year in March. In comparison to the other top managed WordPress hosting providers until now, they had offered only a single universal plan, with a fixed monthly charge of $29 or $290 if you choose to pay annually.

I was quite impressed with their unique approach towards Managed hosting for WordPress with features, such as integrated email, and “support for millions of visitors.” It took me no time, to sign up one account with them, and I am still using their $29/monthly plan for one of my sites since I guess the last four months.

So far my experience with MediaTemple was phenomenal, with excellent support, faster website load time, and almost zero downtime. I had recommended, their services to many of the WordPress enthusiasts so far.

Today, they had gone a step ahead and just introduced their next generation of Premium WordPress hosting with total four new plans. Unfortunately, the good old $29/plan, exists no more. Anyhow I’ll discuss about that plan later, but let’s first talk about the new plans.

MediaTemple  2015 Premium WordPress Hosting Plans

The first one is Personal, this affordable plan is for WordPress beginners who want to host their site on a managed WordPress platform with support for 400,000 monthly visitors, you’ll get 30GB of SSD storage and the plan supports two WordPress sites.

If you choose to pay monthly, you’ve to pay $20 monthly, or if you can afford to pay annually, then it’ll cost you just $200, for the entire year. Make sure, there’s no integrated email for this plan, you’ve to host your email accounts separately, at services like Zoho or Google Apps for Work.

The second plan Studio is aimed at Professional WordPress users, who run large WordPress sites with monthly traffic of over 1 to 2 million visitors. The plan comes with 100 GB of SSD storage, and under this plan, you can host up to 10 of your WordPress sites within a single account.

You’ll also get integrated 2 Google Apps for Work accounts for your emails additionally, 5 of your WordPress site will be protected with SiteLock’s malware detection and removal service. You’ve to pay $60/monthly or if you choose to pay on a yearly basis, then it’ll cost you $600 for the entire year.  Furthermore, you’ll also get 1 free domain registration and 1 SSL certificate for your site, if you choose to pay annually.

The third plan, Agency, is for agencies or WordPress product developers who want to host all of their sites and their client sites at managed WordPress hosting platform. The plan supports 50 WordPress site installs, 500 GB of SSD storage, and is capable to handle up to 10 million monthly visitors on all of your sites.

For emails, you’ll get 5 Google Apps for work accounts, and SiteLock’s malware detection and removal protection. If you’re selecting the annual payment mode, then you’ll also get 1 free domain registration and 2 SSL certificates for your site. For the Agency plan, you’ve to pay $240 monthly or one time $2400, for a year.

Lastly, if you’re an Enterprise user, who wants more than 1TB of SSD storage, support for unlimited monthly visitors with the installation of more than 50 WordPress sites, and any custom requirements, you can contact MediaTemple to create a custom plan, specially created for you, to fit your needs.

All MediaTemple Premium WordPress hosting plans includes:

Standard features:
Quick setup wizard
Easy site migration
24/7 expert support
WordPress education and walk-through from Sidekick and WP101

Managed services:
Automated daily backups
Automated WordPress updates
DDoS & intrusion protection
Malicious plugin removal

Developer tools:
Git integration
WP-CLI administration
sFTP and SSH access
phpMyAdmin access
Site Staging

 My take on MediaTemple’s new WordPress hosting.

Surely, the new WordPress hosting at MediaTemple is now more feature-rich, as you got advanced malware protection, professional-grade Google Apps for Work accounts, and the integration of developer tools, such as Git, WP-CLI administration, PhpMyadmin access, which were not available previously.

The only reason, why I had joined MediaTemple’s WordPress hosting last year is because of their affordable $29 plan, and support for unlimited numbers of monthly visitors. Instead of just removing that plan, I believe, MediaTemple should kill the new highly un-attractive, Personal plan with $20/monthly charge and bring back that good old $29 monthly plan, with few limits such as 2 WordPress sites, 1 million of monthly visitors, 20GB of SSD storage, and offer at least 1 Google Apps for Work account.

The rest of the new plans seems good to me, as they are targeted at high traffic WordPress sites and the web agencies who manage their high-profile WordPress client sites.

Over to you now, what do you think of the new MediaTemple WordPress hosting plans? please do let me know in the comments below.

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