Free 25 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2015

WordPress eCommerce plugins are the new buzz word amongst online entrepreneurs nowadays, as more and more people are preferring WordPress as the primary platform to launch their first online store. The reason behind is, powerful and easy to use WordPress when combined with any free yet full featured WordPress eCommerce plugins, it becomes real easy to make your small online business live with few hundred to thousands products listed. These WordPress based online store are perfect for those online T-shirts stores, fashion boutiques, music stores, images stores, WordPress theme stores, and handicrafts etc.

There are wide ranges of WordPress eCommerce plugins available today, some are fully featured that gives you functionality of a full-fledged modern online stores while, some are just good for selling only few items like an eBook or a course on your blog by just adding shopping cart buttons on your posts or pages. Today, I’ve compiled a complete list of such handpicked WordPress eCommerce plugins which are 100% free and highly popular amid WordPress veterans. If you’re one of those who wants to raise their own online store using WordPress as the primary platform, this post is for you!

Free 25 Best WordPress eCommerce plugin 2015

1. WP e-Commerce

wordpress ecommerce plugin

WordPress e-Commerce is the most popular out of all eCommerce plugin for WordPress and has already received over 2.4 Million downloads across the globe. It’s completely free shopping cart plugin that allows you to set up your own online store based on WordPress and the most amazing part is that it’s compatible with any standard WordPress themes. You can sell both kinds of products online, be it shippable or digital downloads. The WP-eCommerce is completely customizable and comes with numerous built-in easy to customize templates. It offers numerous payment options including manual payment, Google wallet, PayPal, and more.

Download | WP e-Commerce website

2. WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce

woocommerce plugin wordpress

WooCommerce is the seconds most popular free shopping cart plugin to transform any WordPress site into a full-fledged online store by the makers of Woothemes. It’s my personal favorite eCommerce plugin for WordPress, not just because it’s highly rated in comparison to other eCommerce plugins but, its more about the enterprise class features, a dedicated dashboard that enables you monitor your entire eCommerce activities. And what makes WooCommerce so special is its out of the box features, rating, product filtering with faceted search, host of payment options and most importantly it supports external WooCommerce extensions to enhance and integrate any functionality.

Download | WooCommerce website

3. EShop

eshop wordpress plugin

eShop is an another free shopping cart plugin for WordPress that had been already downloaded over half a million times. It uses default WordPress post types, custom post types and page to create products on your WordPress online store. You can sell digital and shippable products, with multiple options, various shipping options, stock control system, discount features and is compatible with WordPress multisite.

Download EShop website

4. Ready E-commerce cart

ready ecommerce shopping cart wordress

Ready e-Commerce cart is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress that helps you to quickly setup your online store, the huge no of downloads and with an average rating of 4.7 starts out of 5 clearly shows that indeed users are loving it. It comes with a free E-commerce theme, and is easily compatible with any standard WordPress theme. Despite of highly customizable templates, shortcodes and bundled dummy data, you can integrate any new feature and functionality on your store by installing extensions such as shipping options, more payment gateways etc.

Download | Ready E-commerce cart website

5. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

wordpress simple paypal shopping cart

WordPress Simple PayPal shopping cart is for those who wants to sell anything on their existing site or blog, without the need of transforming their site in to a full-fledged shopping store. It allows you to put add to cart buttons on any page of your WordPress blogs using short-codes or you can also use dynamic function to display the same, if required. Since, this plugin is very lite it doesn’t requires a lot of configuration. The WordPress simple PayPal shopping cart is compatible with WordPress multi-site installation and also integrated well with NextGen photo gallery, in case if you want to sell photos online on your blog.

Download | WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart website

6. Jigoshop

jigoshop wordpress cart plugin

Jigoshop is an another popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, built right on the core of WordPress that enables robust performance and stability. You can sell anything on your online store be it downloadable product, external affiliate products, etc. The plugin gives you detailed reports with a dedicated custom dashboard, that includes sales graphs, orders and reviews notifications, stock management, and on top of all there are extensions to add additional functionality to your store, without even touching the native files of the plugin.

Download | Jigoshop website

7. Ecwid Shopping Cart

ecwid shopping cart plugin

Ecwid is a complete shopping cart plugin that seamlessly integrates with any of your WordPress blogs, and also allows you to sell your products right on your Facebook profile. It highly utilizes AJAX drag and drop framework and also allows you to mirror your store on many sites at once, that can be managed from a single place. It’s a free plugin but, only for limited products if you want to set up a complete online store then you should look in to premium plans based on monthly and annual billings.

Download | Ecwid Shopping Cart website

8. Welcart e-Commerce

welcart shopping wordpress japan

Welcart is a eCommerce plugin made in Japan, that not just comprises shopping cart functionality but also comes with other crucial features to run an online store such as, order member function, membership function, and comes with 8 different Widgets. You can initiate other functionality like membership system, shipping conditions, and special benefits, etc.

Download | Welcart e-Commerce website

9. WP Storecart

wordpress store cart plugin

WPStorecart is an open source WordPress shopping cart system that enables you to setup an online store, that can be scaled to list unlimited number of products and categories. You can sell either of digital or shippable products online to any of the existing WordPress installation and also works with any of the standard WordPress theme. It comes with several widgets to enhance your store features, and you can also add other store modules  such as payment gateways, customized products, and free shipping etc.

Download | WP Storecart website

10. Cart 66Lite

cart66 lite wordpress plugin

Car66 Lite as the name might give you an impression of a lite plugin with limited features, but, that’s not the case here. This Cart66lite is a powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which turns your website in to a full-fledged online store, that allows you to sell digital, physical products and even lets you transform your site in to a membership portal, where you can sell subscription services to your customers. There are two version of the plugin, the basic free version comes with some limited features and default WordPress support system, while the paid version lets you access to the premium support with access to forums.

Download | Cart66 website

11. Easy Digital downloads

easy digital downloads wordpress plugin

Easy Digital downloads, is a WordPress eCommerce plugin for those who wants sell only digital stuff on their stores. It comes with a download management system for multiple downloads at a time, accepts promotional codes and supports a lot of payment gateways including PayPal and manual. You can easily sell any software licenses and validation facility on your store using it with a software licensing, a paid extension that also supports license key generation, remote license activation, automatic license expiration and more. Additionally, you can also allow affiliate system on your store for better sales and promotion of your products by using an extension.

Download Easy Digital downloads website

12. The CartPress

the cartpress plugin

The CartPress is a professional WordPress eCommerce system that natively integrates with the WordPress and comes with all the features that enables you to setup your online store be it as a framework, or just as a catalog to showcase your products. It’s a powerful plugin with ability to extend functionality using plugins, such as marketplace WordPress plugin that transforms your store in to a marketplace, where merchants could sell their products and you’ll get the sale percent. Additionally, it has a lot of Payment gateway options, shipping, fulfillment, and customer experience, utilities to integrate within your WordPress store.

Download | The CartPress website

13. MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce

marketpress wordpress plugin

MarketPress is a complete WordPress shopping cart plugin, built from the ground up making it simple to use and turn any WordPress site into a modern eCommerce store. It comes with multiple payment gateways support, can be installed upon any WordPress theme, and allows you to sell physical products or digital stuff. The MarketPress shopping cart system is completely compatible with WordPress multi-site and BuddyPress. The plugin is highly customizable and uses AJAX to modernize the shopping experience. In case, if you’re a WP eCommerce user than you can easily switch to Marketplace plugin, without any troubles.

Download | MarketPress website

14. Cashie Commerce

cashie wordpres ecommerce plugin

Cashie Commerce is a popular shopping cart system for WordPress, that makes you enable to sell physical, virtual goods and paid services on your store. It isn’t a completely free plugin, as you’ve to purchase monthly plans that suits your requirement. However, you can get a 15 day free trial to  checkout everything without the need of paying any amount or submitting your credit card details.

Download Cashie Commerce website

15. Zingiri Web Shop

zingiri webshop wordpress plugin

Zingiri webshop is one easy to install and configure WordPress shopping cart plugin to sell any digital or physical content online. It comes with a user management module that allows your customers to make their online profiles at your store, comes with stock management, and the shopping cart utilizes AJAX for better shopping experience. Your customer can make one page checkout, you can easily migrate your current online shopping store to Zingiri with an easy XML product upload feature.

Download | Zingiri webshop website

16. WordPress ultra simple cart

wordpress ultra simple paypal shopping cart

As the name clearly indicates, the WordPress ultra simple PayPal shopping cart enables you sell any products on your site, and accept payment using PayPal. You can put add to cart button on any post or pages of your site, or else use dynamic PHP function to automatically place add to cart buttons on your existing WordPress site. Furthermore, it’s customizable using CSS and interfaces with PayPal sandbox to test payment system, before the site becomes live.

Download | WordPress ultra simple cart website

17. WP online store

wordpress online store plugin

WP online store is a complete eCommerce plugin for WordPress that’s based on popular osCommerce online software. It’s totally free and easy to use shopping plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell physical and virtual products online. It has simple product management, integrates with SSL certificates, and needless to say, it has support for multiple currencies and payment options. For additional functionality you can use addons.

Download | WP Online website

18. Image store

wordpress image store plugin

Are you a graphic designer or want to sell stock images on your WordPress site,  then Image store could be the only WordPress plugin you are looking for. It comes with an integrated photo gallery and boasts huge set of features, such as payment notification, PayPal cart integration, Google checkout, Image RSS, sort images, WP edit function, watermark, gallery comments, CSV customer download, image download and a lot more. Overall, it’s one of the most complete image shopping cart plugin for WordPress that, doesn’t requires any third-party plugin.

Download | Image store website

19. WPmarketplace

wp marketplace plugin

The WP marketplace is exactly what it name signifies, it transforms your site in to a modern marketplace site, and allows you to earn even if you’re not selling anything on your own. It’s an advanced shopping cart/eCommerce system that allows your marketplace users to manage and post new products right from the front end of the shop, without going through the back-end of the WordPress admin. It offers numerous payment options, and you can also sell digital products at your store. It has a unique member badge system that assigns ranks to your site members and increases the user engagement on your site.

Download | WPmarketplace website

20. Dukapress

dukapress wordpress plugin

Dukapress is a totally free open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, that enables you to quickly setup your online store. It’s built right on top of WordPress, making it more stable, faster performance and is scalable. You can sell and tangible products on your site, with selectable options including size, color, variation etc. An another good part of this plugin that you didn’t require any external plugin to transform your site in just a catalog mode, unlike of WooCommerce where it requires to install a separate add-on to enable such feature. The Dukapress WordPress eCommerce plugin allows you to integrated number of payment options, and you can also sell affiliate products on your store, using affiliate URLs.

Download | Dukapress website

21. Simple Cart & Buy Now

simple cart and buy now plugin wordpress

Simple cart & buy now WordPress eCommerce plugin is an easy to use plugin that makes you to easily add “Add to cart” button on your pages or posts with a shopping cart widget in sidebar, and allows a buyer to checkout using PayPal or Google Wallet. This shopping cart plugin stores no sensitive user data, albeit encrypts those “buy now” buttons to transfer buyer over to the selected payment method.

Download | Simple Cart & Buy Now website

22. Foxyshop

foxyshop wordpress plugin

FoxyShop is a WordPress shopping cart plugin that integrates a popular hosted eCommerce system FoxyCart on your site. It enables you to manage your inventory right from your WordPress admin, and allows easy customization of the store using flexible templates. You can sell physical or  digital products, and comes with drag and drop product sorting system.

Download | FoxyShop website

23. Wazala

wazala wordpress plugin

Wazala is an another hosted eCommerce solution for WordPress that allows you to create your online store page, and allows you to map your domain name to your Wazala store. It’s a hassle-free way to sell anything like Music stuff, Digital photos, or even bloggers who wants to sell promotional materials, or ebook guides to your customers. You can even run on your online store even on your Facebook profile, without the need of coding anything.

Download | Wazala website

24. WP Shop

wpshop plugin wordpress france

WP Shop is a completely open source self-hosted eCommerce plugin for WordPress, made with love in France. It transforms any existing WordPress site in to a a full featured online store, within minutes of an installation and comes with a free responsive theme that easily fits your store, and makes it accessible on any screen size. It has everything to manage your store, including multiple payment choice, order tracking system, and comes with other various promotion features such as coupon codes, sending SMS etc.

Download | WP Shop website

25. WordPress Music Store

wordpress music store plugin

Do you just want to sell only music tracks on your WordPress online store, just install music store and forget everything else. It’s a complete eCommerce plugin for WordPress that comes with every single feature you need to implement on your audio store. Music store plugin comes with an audio player that supports popular audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, OGA and allows your share songs on any social networks. You can accept payment using PayPal and track your store sales statistics with an integrated tracking module.

Download | Music Store website

How to choose the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress

Community support – It’s one of the most important factor to look for, as raising an online store isn’t just about installing themes and any eCommerce plugin. Because sometimes, it happens that we’re looking for any mod work on our store, which has been already done by some other person or may have all the require information that, is required by you to do it on your store. It saves time, and reduces lots of unwanted headache.

Payment gateway integration – The most important of all, before choosing any of the plugin as your base eCommerce platform, you need to look carefully whether it does supports your currencies or accepts Payments from your targeted audience’s location. While, most of them claims to integrate any of the payment gateway, but it’s fair to choose only that plugin which comes with native support to accept payments from your country.

Theme Compatibility – Nearly all WordPress eCommerce plugin claims to support any standard WordPress theme but, if you only wanted a fully loaded online store, then choose only that WordPress plugin, which comes with direct support for the related plugin. For eg. there are lots of WooCommerce themes available on the web which directly supports the plugin, similarly you can find themes for WordPress e-Commerce, Jigoshop etc.

Easy to configure –By easy, I don’t mean to compromise with features, instead its more about, simple configuration that even a newbie can understand the features and configure them according to his store requirements.

Updates frequently – Since, none of those eCommerce plugin for WordPress serves as a standalone plugin and requires WordPress to be installed. Now, as the WordPress updates very frequently you need to confirm that whether the eCommerce plugin you’ve chosen, always updates timely and remains compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Hosted or Self hosted – It’s up to you, whether you want a hosted eCommerce platform for WordPress or self hosted eCommerce plugin to run your online store. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as in case of hosted system, you’ve to pay according to their monthly plans but, in the return it could be easier to create a WordPress store on hosted platform, while, if you’re choosing self hosted WordPress eCommerce plugin then, you’ve to look after everything from the ground up, and you could scale it up, as much as you can without paying a single penny to the chosen eCommerce plugin.

Well, that was a long post, I’ve carefully listed only the deserving eCommerce plugins in the list however, if you think I had missed any such free WordPress eCommerce plugin then don’t hesitate to report me in the comments below. On the other hand, if you’ve got more points to be mentioned for choosing the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your store, then please share them with everyone here using the comments form.

3 thoughts on “Free 25 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2015”

  1. Hello Pranjal Gupta,

    I am from Indonesia.

    I want to make a website like

    For early stage I want that for free because I was at the stage of learning.

    Which one should I use? Example: WordPress or Drupal or Open Cart or the other.

    What theme and plugin should I use?


  2. I am just starting so my website is not set up yet just the home and contact page. I have been looking for 2 days and about 20 plus phone calls for a free shopping cart. I finally decided to go with PayPal shopping cart and payment center because I couldn’t find anything that was truly free. After searching there’s always a cost involved somehow. Someone sent me2 this website but I don’t want to spend time looking if these really aren’t free. So after a long story are all of these free if not are any of them free.I’m new to all of this computer language and don’t understand how it works. I have QuickBooks and was hoping to integrate with that but I’ve given up hope with that also. QuickBooks 2000 pro accountant Edition is what I have. Thanks

    1. Howdy Kara,

      Well personally, I recommend WooCommerce for WordPress as the best e-Commerce plugin, but, lately you would require compatible modern theme, and some extensions, which are not free at all. However, as you’ve said you’re now using Simple PayPal shopping cart, mentioned on the 6th rank on this post, is also a good option for free setups.

      Do let me know if you need any assistance to configure it :)

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