My Honest MediaTemple WordPress Hosting Review

MediaTemple Premium Managed WordPress hosting review 2016

The mega MediaTemple WordPress hosting review, learn the truth about one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting provider from a MediaTemple WordPress hosting user. Find out how, it competes with your typical shared or VPS hosting and other Managed WordPress hosting providers.

It’s been a long time since I am with MediaTemple WordPress hosting, after numerous switch with various shared and VPS hosting plans, I’ve a good feeling that finally I found a host to settle down. Two years back, one day I heard about the newly launched MediaTemple’s Premium WordPress hosting, in the early launch MediaTemple came up with only a flat $29 plan for the managed WordPress hosting, that includes “millions of monthly visitors” and integrated email and it took no time for me to sign up with them, and it’s been already two years since I am still using their managed WordPress hosting.


KeyCDN Review 2016 – Affordable Yet Zippy

keycdn review 2016

A review of KeyCDN, the popular provider of the most affordable CDN for WordPress.

Hello again WordPress folks, today I am going to review KeyCDN, as you all know, these days KeyCDN is creating a lot of buzz around. People on numerous occasions asked me about my word on KeyCDN. Recently, I switched one of my site with KeyCDN and today in this KeyCDN review, I am going to talk a whole lot about all things KeyCDN.

Although, I came to know about KeyCDN since in its very early days but I was reluctant to use some new CDN provider in its evolution stage and I believe, I was pretty much right at that time. Fast forward to today, KeyCDN is now far more matured, powered with variety of features, and it was one of the first CDN providers to implement and offer Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate integration, they are also one of the first CDN provider to offer a dedicated plugin for WordPress integration.


How to Setup Yoast SEO – The Five Step Guide

Yoast SEO guide 2016

A detailed five step guide for beginners, on how to set up Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

You may have designed a great looking website, but you might still fail to drive traffic to it if the site isn’t search engine optimized.

Wondering why?

Well, you can find a plethora of sites over the web working in the same industry as yours. So to become a well-known brand in the market, you’ll need to ensure that your target audience will choose to visit your website over your competitor’s site. One best way to do so requires optimizing your site for search engines.

Making your site SEO-friendly will most likely help you attain higher ranks in the SERPs (aka Search Engine Result Pages). Needless to say, the more higher your page will rank in search results, the more users will notice your site.


Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2016

must have WordPress plugins 2016

A handy list of the 5 must have WordPress Plugins for your WordPress site

With over 40,000 thousand plugins to choose from in the official WordPress Plugins Directory and many others available on third-party platforms, it’s easy for you to get carried away with so many options. You can’t even avoid using a WordPress plugin on your site, especially when you’re seeking an easy way to add some additional functionality to your site. After all, plugins are built specifically to provide features that the WordPress platform lacks, such as search engine optimization, better caching, e-commerce, hack-proof security and many others, which are crucial to achieve an edge over your competitors.


Swift Theme Review – The Fastest WordPress Theme?

swift theme review 2016

A detailed Swift Theme review, learn all the pro and cons about one of the fastest WordPress theme, Swift Premium.

When it comes to the WordPress themes, you can easily find the hundreds of WordPress themes that boasts tons of features, but in case if you search for a WordPress theme with heaps of features, and still loads faster? I am sure, you’re less likely to find even a single such theme, quiet easily.

You know these days, there are many WordPress theme authors, each day new themes arrives, nearly all of them features stunning designs, a theme options panel with numerous built-in sliders, built-in drag and drop builders and a bunch of good-looking features. However, when you buy a theme copy and install it on your WordPress site, you’ll notice your shiny new feature rich WordPress theme loads super slow.


WPOven Review – Managed WordPress Hosting

WPOven review Managed WordPress hosting 2015

Managed WordPress hosting is in the air, everyone knows the benefits of this wonderful new hosting platform dedicated to WordPress. Few years back, when I first heard about Managed WordPress hosting, there was only a couple of providers but, today Google a single query about Managed WordPress hosting, and you can see over a dozen of providers, who had now already established themselves as the leading providers of Managed hosting for WordPress. One of the new name I just came around, while writing everyone’s guide to Managed WordPress hosting is WPOven.