WPOven Review – Managed WordPress Hosting

WPOven review Managed WordPress hosting 2015

Managed WordPress hosting is in the air, everyone knows the benefits of this wonderful new hosting platform dedicated to WordPress. Few years back, when I first heard about Managed WordPress hosting, there was only a couple of providers but, today Google a single query about Managed WordPress hosting, and you can see over a dozen of providers, who had now already established themselves as the leading providers of Managed hosting for WordPress. One of the new name I just came around, while writing everyone’s guide to Managed WordPress hosting is WPOven. (more…)

Managed WordPress Hosting – The Everyone’s Guide

Managed WordPress hosting 2015

I still remember some 7+ years ago, the first time I tried to installed WordPress on my dirt cheap shared hosting account, “manually.” In those days, there used to be no WordPress auto-installers, I used to manually create a MySQL database and username, configure the WP-config.php file, and run the WordPress setup.

However, things have been totally changed since then, now a days there are one-click auto installers integrated, even with the shared hosting packages. (more…)

Overview – The Official Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Overview – The Official Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Although, they were late, but finally, the official Twitter plugin for WordPress is now available in the official WordPress plugin repository. The Twitter plugin for WordPress allows you to quickly enhance your WordPress site with over dozen of Twitter features. Let’s take a brief overview of the brand new plugin, and see what unique features, Twitter plugin has to offer for the WordPress site owners. (more…)

MediaTemple Introduces new Managed WordPress Hosting plans

MediaTemple Premium Managed WordPress hosting plans 2015

MediaTemple had joined the managed WordPress hosting bandwagon, last year in the March. In comparable to the other top managed WordPress hosting providers until now, they had offered only a single universal plan, with a fixed monthly charge of $29 or $290 if you choose to pay annually. I was quite impressed with their unique approach towards Managed hosting for WordPress with features, such as integrated email, and “support for millions of visitors.” It took me no time, to sign up one account with them, and I am still using their $29/monthly plan for one of my site since, I guess last four months. So far my experience with MediaTemple was phenomenal, with excellent support, faster website load time, and almost zero downtime. I had recommended, their services to many of the WordPress enthusiasts so far. (more…)

How to make a website like Craigslist using WordPress

How to make a website like Craigslist using WordPress

Recently, I was browsing some webmaster forums, where I had discovered that a lot of people were asking how to start a website like Craigslist?

And as usual, people generally come up with suggestions like “you should learn web design,” “learn HTML or PHP,” and the best of all “you’ll need thousands of dollars to make a website like Craigslist, go live!

Let me tell you one thing, this is 2015 and you don’t need to learn code (of course, it’s always good to learn how to code, you can do it side by side) and wait for the next 3-6 months to create your own version of Craigslist. Instead, with robust CMS like WordPress, you can create just any kind of content websites.

There are already a lot of pre-ready solutions available on the web to create a turn-key business, with sites like Craigslist. (more…)

How to setup CDN in WordPress without Caching plugin

How to setup CDN in WordPress without Caching plugin

We all are aware of the benefits with the faster website, and how adding a CDN service literally adds wings to your existing WordPress site. A Content Delivery Network, reduces your website load time, many folds, additionally it also reduces the load on your server, by serving the static content from the nearby POP locations. Everything seems good, but, the real problem arises with the integration of a CDN service into your WordPress site. The issue is that a majority of the CDN service providers doesn’t offers their native WordPress plugins to integrate their services with your WordPress sites, which leads you to use a third-party plugins, such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, to do the same. (more…)

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