15 Best Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins 2015

Tired of the same looks of your WordPress blogs, that old styling come up with your theme doesn’t seems to attractive to you anymore? It’s time to spice up your blogs posts pages with these easy to use handpicked WordPress shortcode plugins. Within few clicks, your posts gets beautiful buttons, boxes, columns, sliders, tabs and other gorgeous visual elements, that adds fresh feel to your blogs without even messing up with any CSS codes. The great part of these plugins, that instead of your theme’s built-in shortcode they’ll stay well intact within your posts or pages even, if you change your current theme design with an another. They’ll stick within, whatever you choose!

I’ve prepared an exciting round-up of all shortcode plugins available on the web for completely free, lets take a look.

Free Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcode ultimate WordPress plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate is a free and the most popular free shortcodes plugin for WordPress, it has 30+ shortocodes to use, an easy to use panel, a handy shortcode generator, a built in custom CSS editor, and comes with widget support. You can create headings, tabs, quotes, buttons, boxes, notes, divider (top), lists with styles, dropcaps, accordion, sliders and much more.

2.  Symple Shortcodes


Symple shortcodes is one of the most amazing free shortcode plugin for WordPress that I had ever seen. It comes with stunning set of elements, has everything from social icons, highlights, buttons with different border radius styles, heading boxes, dividers, testimonials, skillbars, toggles, accordion, tabs, highly configurable pricing table, columns and did do you need anything more? It’s no doubt, the most recommended shortcode plugin that every WordPress blogs must have in their list Period

3. J Shortcodes

j shortcodes

J shortcodes the next free plugin to easily make your blog appear more visually rich by implementing custom buttons, content boxes, tabs, accordions, information boxes, gallery and more. Of course you can define color or shape and size easily with powerful panel.

4. Synved WordPress Shortcodes


Synved WordPress shortcodes plugin is a free plugin that comes with gorgeous design elements such as tabs, sections/accordions, layouts, boxes, lists, links to any content, author cards, buttons and more. The plugin has got a shortcode editor for easy implementation within few mouse clicks. If you want more out of this free plugin, then there’s also an additional option to  get paid elements including Extra presets and SlickPanel skin for more professional appearance.

5. Acronix Shortcodes


Acronix shortcodes is also free and packs a complete set of visual elements. Similar to other shortcodes plugin, this plugin allows you to stylized your WordPress post content with attractive styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, lists etc. There’s also couple of other utility shortcodes such as login box, google map and more.

6. Shortcode Press


An another complete WordPress shortcode plugin offering an array of stunning visual elements using shortcodes you can put messages boxes with shadows effect, notifications bars, buttons, texts, videos highlight text  etc. If you want more out of this plugin then there’s a pro paid version also available with numerous enhancements such as adding Google maps, image gallery, tool-tips and a lot more.

7.  DW Shortcode bootstrap


DW shortcodes Bootstrap plugin supports Twitter bootstrap framework and allows easy implementation of shortcodes across your WordPress site and the most amazing part of this plugin that it’s responsive, and all generated shortcode visual elements will automatically adapt size according to the resolution of the browsing device. It comes with alert boxes, buttons, fluid grid system, widgets, tabs and icons.

8.  CSSIgniter Shortcodes


want a complete set of feature rich shortcode plugin, CSSIgniter shortcodes could be the fairly considerable choice. It allows you to quickly add up beautiful hand-crafted shortcodes elements in your blog be it button with colors and icons, tool-tips, columns, separators, block-quotes, quotes, colorful boxes, lists, Google maps etc.

9.  Extend WordPress – Various shortcodes & Widgets


Extend WordPress plugin does exactly what it’s named around, adding loads of shortcodes, widgets and functions to your WordPress installation. You can create buttons, columns, typography, contact forms, twitter feed, Facebook like button, RSS  feed inside posts and pages. There’s also a set of Widgets available for inserting advertisements, Flickr streams etc. The free version limits certain shortcodes. However, you can enable full shortcodes working by upgrading to its Premium version.

10.  GPP shortcodes


GPP shortcodes is a clean and minimal design WordPress shortcode plugin, which allows you to add various columns, message boxes, small and large buttons, did I mention all responsive. It’s a completely free, light, easy to use and a must have shortcode plugin.

11.  Zilla shortcodes


An another completely free WordPress shortcode plugin to neatly add pure visual elements to your WordPress sites, with pure I mean plain yet elegant shortcode implementation of buttons, tabs, toggle content, alerts boxes etc. There’s a dedicated button to easily implement shortcodes within your posts area or you can also insert them manually.

12.  Tabs Shortcode


A pretty simple shortcode plugin just created to add tabs in your WordPress blogs using easy  shortcodes. It supports a number of attributes such as collapsible tabs, selected tabs, whether you want to open tab with a mouse click or with a mere mouse hover, positioning tabs and also supports vertical orientation of tabs.

13. Column Shortcodes


Don’t want to get all those bundle of shortcodes except columns in your posts pages? I bet this one is for you. The Column shortcode plugin for WordPress beautifully divides you pages in to varied column layouts. Just enter the given shortcodes according to your needs and you’re done. It comes with a preset styling file, but if you want to further match it with your theme’s styling then you can override it with linking theme’s stylesheet.

14.  Accordion Shortcode

accordion shortcode

Want just to add accordion to your posts or pages area, this accordion shortcode could be the perfect plugin. It’s easy to use and supports multiple attributes and supports styling. You can use this plugin to create Accordion FAQs, etc.

15.  Easy Shortcode buttons


As the name clearly indicates this plugin is crafted just to add awesome demo, download, call to action buttons on your site, built entirely with CSS, loads faster and are fairly easy to customize. There is also an option to create your own buttons using custom buttons feature.

16. Download button shortcodes


If you only wanted to stylize up your existing WordPress site with a new set of simple yet elegant download buttons, just go ahead and install this plugin without even thinking a once. It comes with a download button icon for all usage, be it PDF files, documents, archives, images, audio & video files, or links etc.

Well that was a long list, now which one out of of the plugin list you use on your blog or prefer most, what feature is your favorite. And of course feel free to let me know, If I had missed any of the WordPress shortcodes plugins above.

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